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Castonite is the brand new portal of hand-dyed wool. It promotes and sells the productions of artisans from Quebec and elsewhere. It comes in the form of a website, with a detailed search engine. It will be put into service in early 2021.

The Bleu écrit en vert 
team ensured this mandate from A to Z. This includes the creation of the merchant site on Shopify, with customization of the theme and a specific coding adapted to the needs of the customer.The creation of the logo and promotional communication. As well as all the tools needed to manage the application and input dyers data.

AL Pro Solutions

AL Pro Solutions is an expert company in commercial roofing. From emergency interventions to project development, it is motivated by health and safety issues, risk prevention, energy and budget savings, as well as environmental protection.

Bleu écrit en vert
agency, written in green, has been commissioned as a consultant in the framework of the redesign of the brand image, the development of different communication tools, the promotion of products and eco-responsible innovations, as well as for the brand’s outreach to its customers, prospects and suppliers.

Canadian seafood show

The Canadian International Seafood Show is Canada’s first industry show. It is held in Montreal and its objective is to showcase the Canadian pool and to make it known to the world.

Since the launch of the show, Bleu écrit en vert has been writing in green as a communications consultant and an advertising and marketing expert for the organisation. The agency acts in particular on brand outreach and creation of informational content for a newsletter and social media, in order to attract exhibitors and visitors. The aim is to raise the profile of this international fair and highlight its eco-responsible commitment.

Laumara Basic

Laumara is a clothes and underwear designer for women and babies made of organic cotton and designed with maximum respect for the earth and the human. The company believes in a harmonious future where women are in deep connection with their bodies. It is therefore to help this transition towards more awareness that Lauma disseminates information on the advances in green fashion and create clothes and lingerie that make you want to make the shift to organic clothing.

Bleu écrit en vert written in green brings its know-how in terms of brand radiation. This mission is based on three axes: awareness, experience and loyalty. For this, communication tools have been devised to reach customers, through social networks, the creation of a newsletter, advertisements on the places of sale, etc.Special attention has been paid to the content of the publications, Identifying customers and showcasing the product experience.