Create sustainable emotions

Immersive communication solutions

BLEU écrit en vert wants to touch people in a sensitive, intelligent and original way.  Involve them by generating emotions and reflection, just like at the end of a show, concert or exhibition.  When we continue to talk about an artistic experience, at home, with friends or at work, even several days later. The advertisement, placed in the artistic context which must be its, is able to mark minds in the same way.

To do this, the eco-responsible communication agency BLEU écrit en vert has designed immersive solutions where the public will literally be able to enter and be part of advertising, if they so desire, if curiosity invites them to do so:


- Theatrical communication where advertisements are played in front of the audience, with actors, sets and staging.

- Immersive experiences in spaces designed or modified to create significant sensory pathways.

- Ephemeral structures where sounds and images, virtual or added, invent magical universes that mark the minds and hearts of spectators.

- Spectacular artistic constructions, to be explored for strategic messages and information discovery.


With the eco-friendly agency BLEU écrit en vert, advertising enters a new artistic dimension respectful of our sensory environment to live sustainable emotions and communicate in the future.